About the Melanoma Nursing Initiative

As the treatment options for melanoma have evolved, so has the role of the oncology nurse. This revolution in treatment has also been accompanied by the appearance of new treatment-related toxicities, some of which can be difficult to diagnose, complex to manage, and potentially persistent throughout a patient’s life. These toxicities differ completely from those associated with chemotherapy, with which oncology nurses are very familiar. In addition, oncology nurses often have little experience with managing these regimens for patients with melanoma because of the relative rarity of this tumor type. Finally, with the introduction oral targeted therapies for melanoma come adherence challenges, some related to optimal patient engagement, with others related to the potential for discontinuation because of side effects.

To address these challenges, The Melanoma Nursing Initiative was formed. The MNI is a group of advanced practice providers and other members of the healthcare community who have extensive knowledge about melanoma, targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and their associated toxicity profiles. This nurse-centric effort is designed to educate and engage healthcare  providers to address adverse events associated with melanoma therapies, adherence issues, and patient education, thereby improving therapeutic outcomes for patients with melanoma.

We hope that you find the content in the this website helpful in your efforts to take the best possible care of your patients with melanoma. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to come back again and again to this resource as we add additional tools and materials with you in mind.