Side-Effect Search Section

Welcome to the side-effect search section of the website. Below is an alphabetical list of side effects associated with immunotherapies used to treat melanoma.*  When you select a side effect, you will be taken through key nursing assessments. You can then access more specific content that is relevant to either telephone triage or in-office assessment. The telephone triage section provides information that will help you decide next steps to take for a particular patient (be it office assessment, emergency department referral, home management, etc). The in-office assessment is helpful in grading the severity of the side effect, evaluating the potential root cause, as well as appropriate management.

*This tool is not an exhaustive list of side effects associated with immunotherapies and should always be used in conjunction with clinical judgment. For some symptoms, we have indicated where other non-drug-related causes (e.g., tumor progression) should be considered as a potential cause. However, recommendations for comprehensive management of non-drug-related symptoms are outside the scope of this activity. We recommend that the user consult institutional protocols or standard oncology nursing materials for recommendations in addressing these non-drug-related symptoms.