Symptom: Eye, Swelling and Redness

Initial Grading Reminder

CTCAE Criteria for Conjunctivitis:

Grade 1: Asymptomatic or mild symptoms; intervention not indicated
Grade 2: Symptomatic; topical interventions indicated (e.g., antibiotics): limiting instrumental ADLs
Grade 3: Limiting self-care ADLs

Assessment and Grading

Characterize the symptom (onset, pace)

Ask the patient:

Have you had any issues with eye irritation in the past? Is this a new or worsening symptom? When did it start or get worse? Has it developed gradually or suddenly? Any visual disturbances? Is your eye both red and itchy? Any eye discharge or drainage?

Grade the symptom

Ask the patient:

How swollen or red are your eyes? Is the symptom interfering with your ability to do the things you want to do or take care of yourself? What have you done or taken to help thus far?

Patient Query Regarding Other Symptoms/Red Flags

Ask the patient:

Do you have any vision changes and/or a headache?

Patient Factors to Consider That Affect the Approach to Intervention

Consider the following in individualizing the intervention: Is the patient a good or poor historian? Any language barriers or cognitive deficits? Is the patient reliable (able to carry out treatment recommendations)? Does this patient have alcohol/substance abuse issues? Does the patient have transportation? Is there sufficient caregiver support?