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      At your centers, is infliximab being used to treat steroid refractory pneumonitis? If so, what has the experience been?
      Thank you


      No, Krista, we have been fortunate enough that even our most severe cases of pneumonitis have responded to high dose steroids, but I could see how the thought consideration could come up.
      I suppose that we may in that instance consider temsirolimus or another anti-rejection med, which would be utilized with a patient who had a lung transplant- like we do with mycophenalate & irAE related hepatitis.



        Hi Krita–
        We have utilized infliximab for a number of steroid-refractory immune related toxicities, including pneumonitis and myocarditis.
        For hepatitis, we do not use infliximab and have used mycophenylate in the steroid-refractory setting.


        Suzanne, you make a good point that infliximab should not be administered for immune hepatitis, in the literature, this is noted as a contraindication due to it’s own potential for hepatotoxicity.

      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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