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      Hi Everyone!

      I continue to get patients who come in and think that their cancer (especially those with metastatic disease) is being feed by sugar. I’m wondering if others experience this and what you tell your patients who may being this up?



        Hi Lisa,
        I hear similar concerns from patients. I explain that there is no sound scientific evidence that eating sugar feeds their tumors. There are a lot of anecdotal stories about this, but nothing that I find compelling or convincing. I encourage patients to eat a balanced, healthy diet (including dessert or sweets in moderation if they want them). Occasionally, we have patients on very strict diets who lose a significant amount of weight. We discourage this practice since some treatments contribute to weight loss.

        Anyone else have suggestions?


        There was an interesting article published in cell metabolism this month that talks about low carb diets and melanoma. It says the opposite of what most patients think. That a high fat low carb diet may not be the best for melanoma patients. The article states that patients with a BRAF V600E mutation may have there cancers grow faster with a high protein diet. The study was done in mice, so need more research just like many of the food studies out there.


          Thank you everyone! I too discuss with my patients that sound scientific evidence is really lacking in this arena and glad to hear others are discussing the same.

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